Hot thread dyeing mini-workshop with Lisa Walton

A 3-hour thread dyeing workshop by Lisa Walton filled our minds with lovely ways to dye threads and fabric.    A group of 4 of us were diverted from Sydney’s 40+ degree stifling heat and the news of Victoria’s ravaging rain deluges.  

I learnt how to wind thread in preparation for dyeing, details about procion dye suppliers, tips on creating intense or gentle colours, effective ways of using a minimum of primaries, dyeing threads and fabrics to create tone, and lots more. 

Dyed and gone to heaven is the name of Lisa and Peter’s dyeing business.  They create absolutely stunning fabrics all ready for textile art and quilting.  Lisa is a member of the Quilters Guild of NSW who will be their featured artist at the Darling Harbour Quilt exhibition in June 2011. 

I suggest you google their website to discover their beautiful fabrics, beads, and quilt kits that are for sale. And as an extra, be  charmed by the prizes Lisa has won for her stunningly colourful and interesting quilts. 

Look at the collection of threads and fabrics I brought home from this dyeing workshop!  I had a great morning and it was such good value too.  Thank you Lisa.


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