Mixed media collage – cool colours

Silk and cotton fabrics feature in this little quilt – many I hand dyed.   Also included is a glorious metal rose from my treasure trove.  And…to add an international flavour,  embroidered Indian sari cloth and fabric from Argentina.

I love most colours.  Especially blue.   It is a colour I will never grow tired of, a bit like my love of greens and all the other colours of nature.   As a child living in Adelaide I spent a lot of time with my family on boats frequently sailing to Kangaroo Island and Port Lincoln during my school holidays  – I have very fond memories of being mesmerized by the colour of deep sea.  

This piece of textile art is reflective of those times.   Time to enjoy the great summer blue skies of southern Australia and all the shades of blue that only comes from very deep ocean waters.   Sailing at nighttime, the sea turns black – watching the water gush past the portholes I loved watching twinkles from white/silvery miniature sealife.   And when the dawn skies showed purple tones, it was a warning of rough weather to come.

T0 show these colours of life at sea, my piece includes pieces of silk and cotton fabrics that I dyed some time ago.  


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