Myrtle – Australian hard wood

March 30, 2011

Every now and again someone special walks into your life!    It doesn’t happen often, and it comes out of the blue.  To acknowledge this friendship my husband Chris crafted this beautiful jewellery box from a flat piece of myrtle hardwood.  It also features tiger myrtle wood with its eye-catching textured lines.  

I made the fabric insert, based upon my love of the Ozzie outback and colours of the desert.   This features silk and cotton fabrics, embroidered on my machine with lots of lovely threads, especially Superior Rainbow threads. 

This box is on its way to Fibre Forum at Orange – being delivered by a colleague who is attending a week’s long workshop there.   One of the international tutors will get a nice surprize in April.   I cant wait to hear her excited response.   It is such a nice feeling to give freely something that is made from the heart and hands, from the two of us too!


Molding paste playtime.

March 22, 2011

Rainy Sydney weather and molding paste seem to be a good match.   Both take their time to dry out!

Seriously, I have needed the quietness of raindrops this past weekend to “download” from a busy few days in Adelaide.   It has been soothing to spend time catching up with myself to create some molding paste background pieces.    These are drying – probably for 3 – 4 days in this steamy weather.      I will show you the outcome soonish.

and….here is a close up of molding paste on commercial fabric.

A lace doyley created the textured imagery.

Time to sketch….. Time to create…..

March 20, 2011

A brief visit to ADELAIDE was a time of enjoyment with family.   Lynne and Rai’s redeveloped garden was a result of a huge tree from a neighbouring garden.   Havoc was followed by creation, with the new garden being absolutely beautiful.  

I am so glad I thought to pack my mini-sketchbook, mini-watercolour paints, and mini-paint/pen set.  Time in the garden reflecting on past events was relaxing for the eyes and soul.  Here are a few photos of sketches of some surroundings.  


Catching the essence of Barney was difficult – border collie dogs dont stay still for long, about 6 seconds is the maximum….not very long for an amateur sketcher! 



A brooch …. from Isobel Hall’s workshop

March 7, 2011

Workshop finished….time at home!!    Not as much as I would like, but nevertheless I have  worked using “fabric” made at Isobel Hall’s terrific workshop.   Its only little, I know – a brooch!  


The background fabric was so easy to sew thread and beads into.   My dear hubby made the wooden backing in lovely timber which sets off the textured finish in the brooch.     I am quite chuffed with the result and am looking to working more with techniques that Isobel taught at our workshop.  

So do come back and visit…..there will be more.   And…just for your amusement, the photo (top right) is not a brooch……it was  taken today of “man’s best friend” our Airedale terrier, Zenny.  Her coat is just the right length at the moment, all cuddly and snuggly.




Workshop by Isobel Hall (from Spain).

March 2, 2011

It is uncanny how life works out sometimes.  

For months I had been oscilating about whether to attend this workshop. 

However my deliberations were ended when a textile colleague offered me her place, and I am so glad I was there.

Working with Light Molding Paste was the title of Isobel Hall’s 2-day workshop tutored for ATASDA NSW.  

I must say my time was exceedingly well spent.   Isobel led our group through a variety of intriguing techniques with molding paste and a range of terrific mixed-media products.  

Our group had wider smiles as the hours zoomed along.  Here are a few photos of some of the finished samples that were made by the group.  

If ever you get the chance to attend one of Isobel’s workshops I suggest you lunge at the opportunity – Isobel’s enthusiastic sharing of knowledge and skills, along with her wonderfully creative tutoring approach, instills inspiration and methodology to make you fly.