Workshop by Isobel Hall (from Spain).

It is uncanny how life works out sometimes.  

For months I had been oscilating about whether to attend this workshop. 

However my deliberations were ended when a textile colleague offered me her place, and I am so glad I was there.

Working with Light Molding Paste was the title of Isobel Hall’s 2-day workshop tutored for ATASDA NSW.  

I must say my time was exceedingly well spent.   Isobel led our group through a variety of intriguing techniques with molding paste and a range of terrific mixed-media products.  

Our group had wider smiles as the hours zoomed along.  Here are a few photos of some of the finished samples that were made by the group.  

If ever you get the chance to attend one of Isobel’s workshops I suggest you lunge at the opportunity – Isobel’s enthusiastic sharing of knowledge and skills, along with her wonderfully creative tutoring approach, instills inspiration and methodology to make you fly. 



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