This quilt for the wall was a creation based upon what I learnt from Gloria Loughman, and then embellished in my own way. 

Quiltcamp at Kurrajong was a 3-day sojourn where I attended Gloria’s “Lighting the landscape” class.   My piece is based on a photograph taken during the Ridgetop Tour at Arkaroola in South Australia.

After placing tiles onto the background, fabric pieces were carefully chosen to depict light and shade of the mountain ranges.   The grass tree was a combination of fused fabric and thread work (machine stitches) to depict the leaves.   Hard to see in this photo is the head of the grass tree with its multi-coloured beads, stitched one bead at a time for durability.

This was such a feast,  a whole quilt to play around with intense colour.


2 Responses to A FEAST WITH COLOUR!

  1. The grass tree is especially fabulous. And I like the variegated binding too 🙂

  2. Wanderlust says:

    What a stunning piece of work. I especially like the vibrant colors.

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