A bag for all seasons!

Deluges of rain didn’t stop me attending a 2-day ATASDA workshop by Helen MacRitchie – making a bag for all seasons!   I learnt so much about construction techniques, how to insert those magic magnetic clasps and metal feet underneath to minimize wear and tear on the bag.   My bag has a spring-loaded frame to allow full view of the interior, once it has been opened.   An internal zip (how zippy is that) and an internal pocket with its own pen holder too, I might add!    Helen demonstrated how talented she is, both with design and the technicalities involved to make a bag that is beautiful and functional.  

Looking at the bags in this photo, mine is the greeny/blue one made with purchased batik fabric.  

So inspired was I, that I came home and made an additional bag from Helen’s same pattern – a different version without an internal frame.   One of them will be a gift for a special occasion.  Now to decide, which one to give away!!

One Response to A bag for all seasons!

  1. kaite says:

    They all look so professional, a great workshop.

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