Timeless Textiles – a brand new gallery in Newcastle (N.S.W.)

July 31, 2011

There is a new gallery called Timeless Textiles opening in Beaumont St, Hamilton, in August. Anne Kempton is the passion behind it and she has also provided workshop space for a group of textile tutors in the Community Arts Centre on Parry St, Newcastle.

A colleague of mine JAN CLARK is  one of the tutors and there are other teachers offering workshops this year.

What appeals to me is that they aim  to make the days as enjoyable as possible and also offer fabric and fibre packs at a small cost so people don’t have to go out and find the right materials for the class, just bring themselves and the equipment needed to have fun.   My workshop with Jan Clark a few months ago (for NCEATA at Newcastle) was a  terrific combo of inspirational instruction and encouragement, and a relaxed pace that didn’t set you into a panic.

If this interests you, contact http://www.timelesstextiles.com.au


The tusami of excitement about our Official Opening with IRENE MANION

July 31, 2011

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With our very special guest, Irene Manion, our group deservedly felt quite excited about the opening of our exhibition on Friday night.   

More photos are coming soon.

Getting high!

July 28, 2011

No photos of my work to show you just now, but my camera will be clicking away TODAY to show you something tonight.   That’s a promise!

Today I am joining the 6 other extraTextures (our group) in setting up  our FUSION exhibition AT BALMAIN – an exciting job which makes me feel goose bumpy just thinking about it as I sit here in my PJ’s.   For some “strange” reason I had trouble getting to sleep last night – thinking about what is going to happen over the next days.

As a distraction, until the next post, here’s a photo of lovelies that hang on my studio – for you to enjoy too!

Two photos of exhibition pieces to tempt you!

July 26, 2011

These bags are made to make pep up the adventure with one of those regular tasks most of us undertake,  supermarket shopping.

The other photo offers a diversion from shopping;  time to look and feel the freshness of watching the action of the sea.  

Aren’t surging waves a wonder with their froff and force?   Breathing in the freshness of salt air somehow seems to cleanse the lungs and mind.   I had  a dose of the seaside last weekend – as it was my birthday so we stayed at a lovely hotel situated right on the beach at a holiday location.    

Despite the cold air from an open balcony window (our choice) to listen to the pounding of waves on the shoreline,  I slept like a baby , a birthday baby!

Gearing up!

July 24, 2011

Packing up and getting ready makes me feel I am ready to rock ‘n roll.   This is our group’s first exhibtion so the excitement and “nerves” are revving up..

We all have made a bundle of beautiful postcards in paper and fabric – they are an absolute delight.  I like this one –  made last night using a polymer dye process.  More pics are coming up;  come back tomorrow, will you?

Take away bag

July 23, 2011

Our group – extraTexture – is gearing up for a great weekend – next week, on Sat/Sunday 30/31 July at Balmain Watch House.    

Lots happening by our creative hands, even to the extent of making recycled bags for take away purchases.  

This is one sample.   More temptations are on the way.  

My aim is to post something each day this week,  so do join in and watch this space.

A mico-view …. set to tempt you.

July 7, 2011

This photo shows a small part of textile art created in a whimsical mood.

Laminated within sheer fabric are sequins, lace, beads, yarn.

I really had fun adding stitch to this little delight.

Do come along to the Balmain Watch House where 7 of us Sydney ladies will be showing off what we love to do and add some extraTexture to your weekend.

The date:  30/31 July – very soon!