Polysol transfer dyes

September 30, 2011

A textile artist friend from the Blue Mountains visited me which prompted a brief “show & tell” about Polysol dyes.  This then prompted me to organise myself and see what type of images emerged from this process.

Here are a few photos showing use of crayons as a resist, different ways of applying the dyes to paper, and various overlays on fabric during transfer of heat.   I use an ironing press – much faster than ironing and easier on the arms.

I am curious about the different ways there may be, to achieve good imagery and texture.   If you have any ideas I would love to read your comments.   This adventure is to continue….I am sure you will hear more from me.



Postcards of the Kimberleys

September 18, 2011

The Kimberleys offers much imagery which tantalises the soul.   Home again I quickly tried to capture some of the essence by making a few fabric postcards to send to special people.

Colours of the Kimberleys

September 13, 2011

I have been asked if I did any sketching during our travels in the Kimberleys.   The only time I found to do this was mostly when travelling in the “truck”  – as it was termed by our fabulous driver, Jane from APT.

September 13, 2011

Our merry group of travellers – all smiles on our last day of our tour!  This just the best backdrop for our outback adventure….You wont find one of these in Sydney.

I know this photo is previously posted,  but it deserves a place of its own!

The Kimberleys …. back to telling you more about our adventure.

September 4, 2011

For our APT 4WD travel companions, we promised to show the “best of” photos taken during our Kimberley journey.

Well………..wait not more, for here they are.

Whilst moving up the Gibb River Road (a rocky adventure indeed) a decision was made to become the “APT choir” to sing the Qantas song, Australia, whilst standing in the Picanniny Gorge within the Bungles (where the advertisement was actually made with the delightful sounds of the childrens choir.

Here we are singing  our little heats out, trying to keep to the beat of Jane’s music box.

Chris and I can only sing our praises of how much we enjoyed our tour with APT.   Our tour leader Jane was absolutely fantastic – a real pro and such a good sport along with it.   Travelling this way in the Kimbeleys for the first time was such a great introduction to this land of the gods.   We give them the Thumbs Up!

Creative aspirations have not taken a back seat….

My entry for the Guild Challenge this year is based on my experience in the Bungles.  It was made in just 3 days during the time of Zenny’s illness.

I hope you will come back soon to see this art-quilt.

It’s pretty wild…….because we were required to only use the colours of purple and yellow!  Wow.

Flowers for Zenny

September 2, 2011
Back home from the Kimberleys – we saw the end of winter.
These beautiful Kimberley Kapoch flowers help to settle the sadness of our hearts for Zenny, our much-loved Airedale terrier of 10 years,  departed this earth just two days ago.
Yesterday Spring started – bringing  renewal with this new seasonal cycle.