More sketches on a theme

March 30, 2012

This week our drawing group had interesting range of DOORSTOPS to sketch.

I decided to take a photo of our subject matter, for comparison with the drawings I made.

This is only my third week at this class.  My aim is to improve as time goes by.


The cat’s whiskers!

March 28, 2012

Once upon a time I was a city cat.   That’s all changed for the good, now that my folks moved to Dungog.   My dad made me my own bed so I can lie in the sun & look out the window to watch the occasional passerby.  I am too old now to be a bother to birds, and they parade in the front “powder puff” tree that blooms in the front yard.

I really am the cat’s whiskers now!

Dungog Art Society

March 26, 2012

At the 2nd week week with the Dungog Art Society, our drawing group’s task was to sketch these amazing pottery bottles.

Wonky bottles they really were;  not wonky due to my sketching skills, but then again perhaps that had something to do with “the look”.

Dungog Art Society

March 25, 2012

My first week with the Dungog Art Society drawing group – a weekly evening event – gave the opportunity to study pumpkins.

Here is my first attempt at drawing these beautiful pumpkins.    I felt like them, a bit raw – but the only way I am going to improve my drawing skill is to do it!

Fabric Postcards – wishing upon a star!

March 24, 2012

This week, it has been time to make fabric postcards.   An old and special friend soon to be in surgeon’s hands, needs I feel,  some wishes upon a star for her recovery to good health again.   This postcard – with its very special star – was made today to mail to her at hospital.  This was created with purchased printed polyester, overlaid with a gorgeous lace flower, and machine embroidered with orange polyester thread.  My special message to her is handwritten on the fabric back.

If you are wondering how the other Postcards were made, I used Polysol dyes to create the backgrounds, then stitched and beaded to create more imagery.  I am wondering which one you like best – and of

course I am curious as to your reason for your choice.

As you can see landscapes still emerge from my fingers – maybe I will move onto other imagery soon….I wonder.

Judy’s impression of the pumpkin sketchers – particularly her friend ME!

March 24, 2012

A previous post mentioned that the task of  the Dungog Art Society’s drawing class was to draw pumpkins.  The pumpkins had lots of lumps and bumps and were funny shapes, which helped my artistry!

An artistic friend in Sydney said she giggled when she read about this, and this caused her to sketch the image in her mind on her


Here is Judy’s sketch – I am the one on the left hand side with the straight hair!   Looking pretty earnest, am I not ?  Thanks Judy….I love it!

Artistic endeavours – nothing fake about them!

March 14, 2012

Engaging in a changed lifestyle has been an uplifting experience as a result of joining this group of talented people, who live in Dungog or the surrounding region.

My first experience in a group session on Monday nights, was drawing pumpkins.  When I told a good artist-friend of mine what I was doing, Judy’s amusement caused her to do a sketch on her I-pad – which – if I can upload this onto my post, I will include (now of in the near future).

The change from being a city “girl”to embracing country life in Dungog has been made easier by an invitation to join the Art Gallery of Dungog.   Very welcome news this was.   For some years I have been pondering on the need to improve my sketching skills, and feeling a little awkward about this “lack”, I  always put it on the back burner.

And just to show that Dungog has great coffee, here is a pic of one of my favourite haunts.