Life in Dungog

On the 1st day of March I (and Samera, my tonkinese cat of 12 years), awoke at dawn.   I was in a sweat of excitement – well, not only because the summer heat, but more due to my creative space being at last sorted.

I took the opportunity to take these photos that show the view we have from our new home at the country town of Dungog.   This is a taster of more good things to come.

Very soon I will post pics of some Dungonian greeting cards – being the first project made in my new work-area….. featuring paint and stitch.  They are yummy.

2 Responses to Life in Dungog

  1. kaiteM. says:

    Looks lovely, tell us more – are you in town or as it seems on the edge or maybe on a small acreage? views to die for.

  2. Pamela says:

    Dungog is a smallish township of 3,000 or so, nestled by a surround of hills, and our home is on the edge, where our block backs onto countryside, which won’t be subdivided within our lifetime. It is the back outlook that is shown in these photos. The home frontages in our street all look towards hills and dales (and the usual electricity wires that a part of “suburban” living). I wake to the sound of birds or cows, whichever makes the most noise, a reminder of our “tree-change” and the peace that country life is bringing.

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