Fabric Postcards – wishing upon a star!

This week, it has been time to make fabric postcards.   An old and special friend soon to be in surgeon’s hands, needs I feel,  some wishes upon a star for her recovery to good health again.   This postcard – with its very special star – was made today to mail to her at hospital.  This was created with purchased printed polyester, overlaid with a gorgeous lace flower, and machine embroidered with orange polyester thread.  My special message to her is handwritten on the fabric back.

If you are wondering how the other Postcards were made, I used Polysol dyes to create the backgrounds, then stitched and beaded to create more imagery.  I am wondering which one you like best – and of

course I am curious as to your reason for your choice.

As you can see landscapes still emerge from my fingers – maybe I will move onto other imagery soon….I wonder.


2 Responses to Fabric Postcards – wishing upon a star!

  1. Hi Pamela, I love your fabric postcards, I like the 2nd one because of the birds…but they are all lovely. I found your blog because I am from Dungog and am living in Canada at the moment and I Googled Dungog to catch up on local news. Keep it up!

  2. Pamela says:

    Thanks Kath for your comments. You come from a lovely town. We are enjoying our Dungog “treechange” discovering all its aspects & the birdlife.

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