Flowers for friends

April 23, 2012

This is a quick post.

Home from a busy day and I quickly painted these flowers.

Made into postcards for two old friends who have touched my heart in the past.

Watercolours were used on paper, then backed onto fabric to create these postcards.


A gift to encourage wellness!

April 14, 2012

Is this a delicious idea?

My long-term friend is recovering from surgery.   So I made her an art-bag!

We have often talked about her desire to start sketching but other facets of life got in the way.

I think that possibly now is the time to encourage this activity, as I can envisage her sitting on her front verandah, bathed in sunshine, with sketchbook in hand.

So I made this simple but functional bag which is filled with goodies – watercolour paints, sketchbook, pencils – all to inspire a pastime of sketching.

She loves horses, so the front panel of this calico bag, is a commercial fabric depicting horses but to make the imagery more subtle, it is covered with silk that has been screen printed – deconstruction style.

I really hope this “recovery gift” from my hands makes her smile.

New studio!

April 7, 2012

Moving in has had its challenges.  It has been time to exercise discretion about the quantity of “stuff” I really need to create fabric art.  

Forced upon me…… but happily so, to get myself organised in my new work studio.  

Click on these photos to see a larger image of my current set up.  

I am looking forward to physical improvements being made, when our friendly builder has time.

Finding my Mojo!

April 4, 2012

I lost my Mojo……. because I have been feeling disengaged with my creativity.   The spark vanished, probably due to upheaval of my “treechange” & settling into Dungog.

So…… I sat myself down these past two days and played to create a series of postcards.

What do you think of my result?  (Please let me know).

and….The good news is that I feel I am finding my feet again!

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