Finding my Mojo!

I lost my Mojo……. because I have been feeling disengaged with my creativity.   The spark vanished, probably due to upheaval of my “treechange” & settling into Dungog.

So…… I sat myself down these past two days and played to create a series of postcards.

What do you think of my result?  (Please let me know).

and….The good news is that I feel I am finding my feet again!

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3 Responses to Finding my Mojo!

  1. Jennifer says:

    The landscape are still your forte but I like the experimental ones as well. The one where you have drawn the trees on the fabric is very appealing. You have had a very busy few days! Welcome Dungog mojo!

  2. Pamela says:

    Thanks Jennifer for your encouraging comments. Yes, I feel the engines are revving up! I have had a few days of no extra jobs to do which has focussed my energy on playing with postcard creativity….more of this “quality” time is what I need.

  3. kaiteM. says:

    i like the landscape one – Dungog at Dawn, my fave.

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