A gift to encourage wellness!

Is this a delicious idea?

My long-term friend is recovering from surgery.   So I made her an art-bag!

We have often talked about her desire to start sketching but other facets of life got in the way.

I think that possibly now is the time to encourage this activity, as I can envisage her sitting on her front verandah, bathed in sunshine, with sketchbook in hand.

So I made this simple but functional bag which is filled with goodies – watercolour paints, sketchbook, pencils – all to inspire a pastime of sketching.

She loves horses, so the front panel of this calico bag, is a commercial fabric depicting horses but to make the imagery more subtle, it is covered with silk that has been screen printed – deconstruction style.

I really hope this “recovery gift” from my hands makes her smile.


2 Responses to A gift to encourage wellness!

  1. Stephanie from Perth says:

    What a great friend you are. Glad you are well settled in your new home

  2. Pamela says:

    Lovely to hear from you Stephanie. Yes we are settling in well. Just having a little trouble finding my creative spirit though, but that will come.
    Hope to see you at the Sydney Quilt Show. PP

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