Time to draw

July 31, 2012

Returning to the Dungog Art Society drawing classes after a spell away – has been fruitful

as this experience is allowing my 

confidence to grow.

Like so many others in my time, as a child I always considered myself to be hopeless in art, especially drawing.  

Now that I am a “big girl” I am enjoying working on this skill as this is nurtured by wonderful talented ladies at the gallery.

This week our class was set the task of drawing foliage in a bottle – quite a challenge to get it looking somewhat real.  This is my effort.

………………………… and here are some sketches from earlier classes this year.


A diversion from a creative life.

July 19, 2012

Lately very little time has been spent with fabric and thread……….

I have the best excuse….. this is it!

Roxy is our female Airedale Terrier and  is 11 weeks old.   She is teaching Pamela (me)  a lot about patience, persistence, and the art of playtime.

Welcoming new life

July 18, 2012

This little quilt is made for a baby girl to play with and love to bits.  

It is constructed to be strong enough to handle all sorts of “activities”  whilst being lovely and soft to touch and cuddle into.

Spools to drool over….

July 11, 2012

Knowing I am always on the lookout for empty spools for my hand-dyed threads, my friends save theirs for me.

Lucky me – moving-house brought a bucket of them my way, beautiful old wooden ones with past lives,  besides the modern plastics.

Winding thread is quite a meditative activity – bringing calmness, quietness, along with the sight of colourful threads being ready to sew.

Friendship …… the fabric of life.

July 8, 2012

I am pleased to say that physical isolation has brought about friendship renewel.

Six months ago, we moved from Sydney to set-up our new home in Dungog, N.S.W.  

The thought about making this tree-change was in fact a lot scarier than actually putting it into action.  Certainly there have been annoying frustrations from unexpected experiences of making a big change in our home-life, but these little hurdles have been overcome or worked around.

The chills of past wintry months have had me reflecting on friendships – old and new.  Some have faded through lack of nourishment,  and some have new growth.

A friendship grown from past shared textile experiences recently delighted me … by a surprize envelope received in the mail.  What absolutely sumptuous velvets and hand-dyed threads and a beautiful fabric postcard my Sydney friend made with such skill and love!

Art quilt – Desert Gums

July 6, 2012

My love of the outback is once again reflected in my work.   Reflecting on my time in the Flinders Ranges and Arkaroola,  the vivid colours stand out in such a remarkable way.

I made this small wall-quilt for the wall to depict the essence of gum trees on dried up stoney river beds during summer heat.

Machine piecing and embellishment were applied to create this piece.

Dungog Street Parade was the “fabric of life”.

July 1, 2012

The community spirit shown at the Dungog “Red Dog” Parade was a wonderful experience.  

Here are a few more photos to give a glimpse of the day’s events.  

As I was a participant in the “march” I was not able to adequately photograph the degree of dogs that entered the parade – so many joined in!

Some of the more courageous dogs performed the high jump competition – reaching heights over 5 feet … and that’s with only a few metres of lead-up space.

As I was