Friendship …… the fabric of life.

I am pleased to say that physical isolation has brought about friendship renewel.

Six months ago, we moved from Sydney to set-up our new home in Dungog, N.S.W.  

The thought about making this tree-change was in fact a lot scarier than actually putting it into action.  Certainly there have been annoying frustrations from unexpected experiences of making a big change in our home-life, but these little hurdles have been overcome or worked around.

The chills of past wintry months have had me reflecting on friendships – old and new.  Some have faded through lack of nourishment,  and some have new growth.

A friendship grown from past shared textile experiences recently delighted me … by a surprize envelope received in the mail.  What absolutely sumptuous velvets and hand-dyed threads and a beautiful fabric postcard my Sydney friend made with such skill and love!


2 Responses to Friendship …… the fabric of life.

  1. kaiteM. says:

    Wow that was some parcel you got there, how generous your friend is. I’d love to see more of that textile postcard too, it looks beautiful.

  2. cinsinoz says:

    Pamela, what beautiful words. They do look good all beautifully displayed. So pleased you like them and I am sure you will put them to good use.

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