A diversion from a creative life.

Lately very little time has been spent with fabric and thread……….

I have the best excuse….. this is it!

Roxy is our female Airedale Terrier and  is 11 weeks old.   She is teaching Pamela (me)  a lot about patience, persistence, and the art of playtime.


4 Responses to A diversion from a creative life.

  1. kaiteM. says:

    Isn’t she the most beautiful girl. I think i’m in love! Just adore those soft paddy paws.

  2. Pamela says:

    Soft paddy paws go with her extra sharp shark like teeth!
    Yes, she is a L O V E.

  3. Stephanie from Perth says:

    A new baby in the house for you, how exciting! We have new tonkinese “grand”kittens Daughter Kirsten and husband in Melb have carried on the Knudsen Tradition with Tonkinese so adorable

  4. jane b says:

    Pamela, she is very beautiful (I started at the recent posts and read back to here). Your local group looks lovely and very creative. Studio, dog, online group, face-to-face group and working towards an exhibition – it all sounds good. (I was prompted to check your blog by your email today)

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