Bookbinding – a new skill

August 24, 2012

I am discovering that Dungog is a wonderful place to live as this town has many talented creative women who happily share their knowledge and skills.

Yesterday Lurline from the group called “Daughters of Dowling” spent the day teaching us how to make a book, using Japanese stab stitch to bind the pages together.

This is my effort – not bad for the complete novice I am.  As the inner pages are watercolour paper I will use this book to sketch & paint catchy images around Dungog.

The cover paper is hand painted A4 size typing paper – the acrylic paints have made it very strong to act as a cover – being glued to firm cardboard.

If you are pondering taking up book binding, give it a go.  It was much more fun to do, easier than I expected, and you create something very practical to use or give away as a gift.


Ozquilt Network Inc

August 11, 2012

Hey, take a look at this exciting blog/website.

My membership of this group of several years has linked me to fabulously talented artists.  Unfortunately I have not been able to enter the Australia Wide Three exhibition but I am hoping to for their No.4 next year.

Australia Wide Three’s exhibition is coming up and you can read all the details by going to their website.  Here are the details.

Australia Wide Three

Waxed lyrical!

August 8, 2012

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A day was spent with Deni, Robyn & Dorothy with Deni teaching the creation of encaustic wax pieces of art.

Oil paints were mixed with beeswax which was brushed onto our canvas.  Enhanced with impressions from lace, stencils and all sorts of objects to create texture.

This was an enjoyable time of exploration, a process that was very evolving with no particular structure being applied.

I am curious about how these will “weather” the weather, so to speak.

I am worried that the last of our summer heat may cause the whole piece to melt away before one’s eyes…to end up on the floor instead of the wall.  If you have had experience with this process I would really like to hear your comments.

Hot landscape!

August 5, 2012

I love making small art-quilts for walls that are based on my experience in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

With this quilt I aimed to reflect the colours and substance of the dry landscape.

When I was there a few years ago the land was bone-dry – there was hardly a drop of water anywhere due to the drought of a few years.

I believe it looks vastly different now as a result of the visiting rain this & last year.   Springtime with all its wildflowers should be magical.