Deconstructed Screen Printing

October 31, 2012

Three days were well spent by attending a workshop by Kerr Grabowski  – refreshing my knowledge & skill with deconstructed screen printing and polychromatic printing.  These samples that I produced at the workshop tell their own story.

Our class of 12 played with syringes using thickened dye, and applying all sorts of interesting textures to silk screens.   Using wax on the screen and/or fabric was another technique covered.   Fabric painting was also a load of fun.  Whilst we worked mainly with cotton fabric, the process also worked reasonably well on silk.   However I need to play around now on my own now, to develop the technique further and find my style.

If you have had experience with this technique, particularly if you have worked with silk fabric, I’d love to hear from you.  I’d like to hear from you anyway!


A “Mei-su” bowl

October 26, 2012

One of Dungog’s very talented women Mei-Su has created absolutely fabulous felted pieces, including miniature bowls to delight the eye.

I missed out on her “class” but Meu-Su kindly gave me some tips, so this is my first effort.  Pretty good isn’t it?

Deconstructed Screen Printing and Polychromatic Printing

October 6, 2012

Soon I will be exploring the possibilities of these two techniques – not at home – but at a workshop held over 3 days!

It fascinates me with possibilities to create really gorgeous and interesting imagery.  So far, my adventures have been a little disappointing.  Much more playing around with ideas and techniques is what I need to embark upon.

These photos show my previous pieces which I feel are OK as background pieces only.   Hoping I jump some hurdles to create more interesting pieces soon.

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