Deconstructed Screen Printing

Three days were well spent by attending a workshop by Kerr Grabowski  – refreshing my knowledge & skill with deconstructed screen printing and polychromatic printing.  These samples that I produced at the workshop tell their own story.

Our class of 12 played with syringes using thickened dye, and applying all sorts of interesting textures to silk screens.   Using wax on the screen and/or fabric was another technique covered.   Fabric painting was also a load of fun.  Whilst we worked mainly with cotton fabric, the process also worked reasonably well on silk.   However I need to play around now on my own now, to develop the technique further and find my style.

If you have had experience with this technique, particularly if you have worked with silk fabric, I’d love to hear from you.  I’d like to hear from you anyway!


3 Responses to Deconstructed Screen Printing

  1. rich and fabulous designs, The fun you had shines through 🙂

  2. marjorie says:

    Oh I love Kerr! I organized a class in Brooklyn 2 years ago and she came and taught for two days. I LOVE the process -so freeing for me as a traditional screen printer. I love the way your things came out! ooooh especially the greens!!!!Lovely work. I love to do this on cotton sateen it is my favorite fabric to work with dyes.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful colours and lovely, free flowing designs. When your imagination, your eyes and hands go for a walk, you can never anticipate what treasures may arise. Truly serendipity!

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