Dyed cotton pieces to suit a carnival atmosphere

November 25, 2012

The heat of our summer weather (36 degrees today) makes it perfect to play with dyeing.   My studio is out of action so its downstairs into the dyeing room where I must be.

I have just dyed these cotton sateen pieces with a combo of Procion MX and Drimarine thickened dyes.   As I have a challenge to meet with a carnival flavour (more information about this later), I let my hands and mind go like wild fire, to create these background pieces.

The next stage required is to choose one piece and begin work on it – probably handstitch given that most  of my “ingredients” are stacked away until completion of the studio renovations.


Transformation – from garage to studio

November 21, 2012

It’s been a 9 months wait for this to happen!   

Two days ago there was a roller door where the window now is.  It was a cold drafty working environment.

Took this photo today …(21/11/12)  showing work in progress is moving ahead at full speed. 

Will be all set up by Christmas…..if not before!  

Creativity of a different nature………..

November 17, 2012

Work of a different nature is  taking place here at Dungog.

All of our renovations should be completed before Christmas.

Anyway this is the reason I am being quiet on the creative front, just at the moment.

A big plus is ….  I am given more time for creative pondering and the percolation of ideas.

Some quiet time may just be what I need to get off to a rip roaring start for 2013.

“Pussy footing” around with procion dyes

November 4, 2012

Painting cotton fabric with a syringe and a brush – my mood was very loose indeed – as my hand took over and painted what seems to be my cat having a bubble bath (as a friend said it appeared to be).

Anyway this “cat on a mat” is now in the home of a good friend who was caretaker of our 13-year-old cat Samera, for a few days, when the Mumford & Sons band was here at Dungog.

I thought you would like to see this moment of fun.