Latitude Quilts

January 29, 2013

Very exciting news!

I have joined an international on-line group of art quilters – 16 of us from various parts of the globe.

Our aim is to be challenged with a bi-monthly theme to produce an 15 inch square art-quilt.

The first challenge is due in a few days time – 31 January, when each of our quilts will be revealed.   The theme is carnival.

Latitude Quilts is the name of our group.

Please visit …..


The fabric of friendship.

January 27, 2013

Friendship brings so many experiences – – – – the range of words & emotions that arise during friendship is not unlike the different lines and shapes that form an image for an art-quilt.

This week I met up with my artist friend Judy who completed a wonderful quilt for her sister.  Now that it is finished I am very fortunate to be given the tin of treasures that are no longer needed.

Just look how gorgeous these little treasures are!    Thank you Judy….I am eager to use these in an art-quilt very soon!

Textile Treasures from Judy

January 19, 2013
Abby's rainforest

Abby’s rainforest

Are you curious about the name of our group – Daughters on Dowling?

The main street of Dungog is Dowling Street.   We usually hold our regular meetings in Dowling Street.   We are all daughters of someone, or have daughters.  So putting two and two together, this is the name our group decided upon.  I think it is a great name.

Our exhibition at Dungog is on NOW and is held 10am – 2pm on, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – finishing with our last day being Australia Day holiday on Monday 28th January 2013.

Each person was given the same photograph – taken on a trip to the Barrington Rainforest area.  Our mission was to produce a piece based upon the photograph.  We could interpret this in any way we wished, and use any medium in our piece.

Here are some of our exhibits.

DSCF1551DSCF1550DSCF1548DSCF1546DSCF1549 - Version 2DSCF1557DSCF1556DSCF1555DSCF1554DSCF1552


Daughters on Dowling exhibition at Dungog

January 19, 2013

Daughters-on-Dowling exhibitionBelonging to a group of textile artists at Dungog has been good for creativity.    The Daughters on Dowling group has been meeting for 10 years or so, but I joined earlier this year.  We have fortnightly meetings.   We have been beavering away preparing our pieces for our “Rainforest” exhibition held here in our home town.

Last night it was our opening – is was a fun time with artistically inclined visitors coming from far and wide.   A validating experience it was, hearing comments about the nature of our pieces.

Our exhibition continues until 29th January (10am – 2pm – Thurs-Sun) so if you are in the area, do call in.

We are in the Upper Hunters Arts Centre building, in the main street (Dowling St), opposite the IGA supermarket.  More photos coming soon.


chatting to friends

A new year .. a new start for 2013

January 1, 2013

IMG_0865IMG_0866I want to show you my best ever New Year’s gift….my beautiful space to create within.

This room was a garage with roller door (where the window now is), cement floor (now wooden), brick walls (lined now) which was either hot or cold (but not now .. it is air conditioned).

The piece on the design wall needs to be finished – it is painted cloth background and now needs more work to make it more interesting….not sure what just yet.   Perhaps playing soft music will stir up some ideas.

I hope I am not sounding like I am gloating about this achievement, but I am very excited to have my own specially tailored space to start being more adventurous with my creativity.  It is one of the reasons for moving into this home nearly 12 months ago.

To warm up my stifled creativity I am making a simple strip pieced single bed quilt (photo coming later), and a cute little diary book cover for a lovely neighbour.

I wish you a joyful year ahead of good health and burbling creativity.

My brand new studiostudio