Abby's rainforest

Abby’s rainforest

Are you curious about the name of our group – Daughters on Dowling?

The main street of Dungog is Dowling Street.   We usually hold our regular meetings in Dowling Street.   We are all daughters of someone, or have daughters.  So putting two and two together, this is the name our group decided upon.  I think it is a great name.

Our exhibition at Dungog is on NOW and is held 10am – 2pm on, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – finishing with our last day being Australia Day holiday on Monday 28th January 2013.

Each person was given the same photograph – taken on a trip to the Barrington Rainforest area.  Our mission was to produce a piece based upon the photograph.  We could interpret this in any way we wished, and use any medium in our piece.

Here are some of our exhibits.

DSCF1551DSCF1550DSCF1548DSCF1546DSCF1549 - Version 2DSCF1557DSCF1556DSCF1555DSCF1554DSCF1552



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  1. Sandra James says:

    Wow!!! We’ll be a week too late to see it.:(

  2. Pamela says:

    Hi Sandy, Good to hear you will be home soon….lots to tell you! Soak up the last of your wanderings at leisure.

    From Pamela & Dorothy

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