Latitude Quilts

Very exciting news!

I have joined an international on-line group of art quilters – 16 of us from various parts of the globe.

Our aim is to be challenged with a bi-monthly theme to produce an 15 inch square art-quilt.

The first challenge is due in a few days time – 31 January, when each of our quilts will be revealed.   The theme is carnival.

Latitude Quilts is the name of our group.

Please visit …..


3 Responses to Latitude Quilts

  1. Sounds like an exciting project, can’t wait to see your quilts.

  2. Chez Aitkin says:

    Hi Pamela
    I went from Latitude Quilts to your website!! I loved your quilt before I knew it was yours – great colour and movement! I am in Art Quilts around the world and our next Challenge is Carnival!
    Love your studio!

  3. Pamela says:

    Glad you liked my piece so much! You will have fun exploring Carnival theme & I look forward to seeing your finished piece. Do you have a website for Art Quilts around the world?

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