Latitude Quilts – First theme .. Carnival

Carnival flavours is the name given to my first entry with Latitude Art-quilts.  It measures 15 inches square.

I wanted my quilt to capture the flavour or essence of a carnival.    Reflecting on my attendance at Dungog’s annual show a few months ago, I applied with thickened procion dyes on cotton fabric to let fly with imagery that emerged in my mind.

Music, activity, competition, colour, balloons, masks people wear, all seemed to emerge into a series of shapes on fabric.

Unusual for me, this quilt features a majority of hand stitching – mostly white to subdue the white background so the features stood out – well that was my intention, did it work?

I welcome your comments.


Do make sure you visit the rest of my group’s art-quilts on Latitude Quilts blog.


2 Responses to Latitude Quilts – First theme .. Carnival

  1. meisuchen2270 says:

    I love this carnival piece, eye-catching colours, free and happy! Very Miro.

  2. Pamela says:

    Thanks for your comment…and I didnt think of it as being alike a Miro, but now I can see that too.

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