Time flies!

Watching the bird life in Dungog,  provides the opportunity to see how time flies!

Along with my colleagues in the Daughters of Dowling embroiders group, I was inspired to create this piece.

The bird was composed entirely of different fabrics fused onto a supportive fabric, and then stitched onto the background fabric.  Machine and hand stitches were worked into this piece to portray gum leaves.

All beading was hand stitched.  This is a change of style for me and I enjoyed exploring this application.



3 Responses to Time flies!

  1. Tracy says:

    He is beautiful, are you getting prepared for Quiltarama? I have been sidetracked from working on my quilt and playing with card glue and paints 😦

  2. Pamela says:

    Sidetracked eh? Sounds like a good road to explore!
    I have work to do for Quiltarama!!! Look forward to seeing you there.

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