Mixed media

This piece has been “refurnished”!   I made this 12 months ago and it has been hiding its face all this time.

Too dark – too moody – it needed some sunshine.   So I added to it with fibre and stitch and it seems warmed up and smiling now.

What do you think – love to hear from you.

IMG_1191"Shine on me"


4 Responses to Mixed media

  1. I like the colors and the action. It’s like a fabric party.

  2. Sandra James says:

    Sounds like winter has been your inspiration. You’re doing some great things under the house!!

  3. Dear Sandra,
    What beautiful creative work!
    I am an artist(painter/drawer) currently experimenting with using Jo Sonja Textile medium and Atelier Acrylic(Chroma brand) for relief printing on linen tea towels using iron heat fixing. I have used 2 parts paint to 1 part medium(per instructions on bottle). Some colour is still coming out when washed. I have now seen that Chrome online info suggests 1:1! Have you used paints other than Jo Sonja with the textile medium? Also do you headset using oven or iron method. I am looking for the best method! Sincerely Sara Farmer

  4. Pamela says:

    No Sandra, I have only used JS acrylics with textile medium for my fabric wall-art. I usually let the sunshine dry the work, then heatset with a dry iron. Hope that helps.

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