Growth Rings

Gearing up for Growth Rings exhibition at Dungog in October 2013, I have just finished this piece, having worked on it for over a year (in small bursts at a time).   Watercolour painted background is a new technique I have been exploring, and I do quite like the textural effect created.  Thermofax prints have been added, in addition to machine and hand stitching.   It is as yet unnamed as the image makes me think of a few titles.   Love to know what you think of this piece and what your eyes are seeing. Image


8 Responses to Growth Rings

  1. Espirational says:

    That is so cool! Love it!

  2. dweinberg415 says:

    Beautiful stuff. It looks like you are using rust for color also?

  3. Pamela says:

    Yes, rusted fabric is also used on this piece. It is great fun to make, but needs selective choice for incorporating into machined work.

  4. dweinberg415 says:

    I agree. It’s a great effect but could be overused.

  5. meta says:

    Lovely piece, Pamela!

  6. marjorie says:

    This is beautiful Pamela.I love the contrast of the light blue (makes me think of sky) and dark red.

  7. gonerustic says:

    This is stunning – I absolutely love what you’ve done here! It looks like fire … =)

  8. meisuchen2270 says:

    I love this watercolour painted background with stitched free contour lines here and there. If it is a life journey, it’s very deep!

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