Silk wrap.

September 25, 2013

Talking to a friend, I was presented with a challenge.

To make a silk wrap with colours of the sky and grass – that is a daily sight, living in Dungog.

Why, you may be thinking!  The best reason – To welcome the birth of her baby, due shortly.

So to offer a choice, I made  two with subtle different graduations of blues and greens.  This is one of them.

It is dyed with Landscape dyes, using a shibori technique, a fascinating method.



Sound of Silence – Latitude Quilts

September 22, 2013

Our group’s 5th theme is called Sound of Silence.   Release of all our pieces of work is 30th September.   You will be able to view all of our recent pieces on our blog

Meantime this is my inspiration for my piece of work.  Living within close proximity to the world heritage listed  Barrington Ranges, Chris and I recently did a day’s walk to Rocky Crossing.  It was absolutely mesmerising.  My camera worked overtime.  It’s a wonder that we came back home!


Rocky Xing walk

Daughters of Dowling – workshop

September 14, 2013

SameraDaughters of Dowling

This photo shows only some of us, the “Daughters of Dowling” group, working on covering out stones during a workshop held at Marion’s “The Bower” retreat.

I thought I would post this photo of our group while we wait for the next edition of Down Under Textiles magazine to be published, as it includes a story of our last textile art exhibition in Dungog.   As soon as the mag is available, I will post details this exciting event.

And for a giggle, this is one of my first sketches made some time ago….