sketches for reflection

These little sketches were made during a short holiday around Scone, Nundle, and Moree in NSW.

You may know that since then I have been attending watercolour classes, and at this stage, I must say my previous sketches delight more than my current pieces.  More practice is needed!!

Anyway here are a few of simply lovely holiday-time views of the Ozzie countryside.  Love to hear what you like about them.



3 Responses to sketches for reflection

  1. Lovely sketches, Pamela

  2. JaN says:

    What is nice about them is the spontaneity. That ‘freshness’ is something difficult to retain in the Art that we work on too hard! Your sketches are lovely.

  3. Pamela says:

    Thank you Jan, your words are encouraging me to express my natural art style.

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