Bridges of the Hunter exhibition in June 2014

March 30, 2014

Felted "stones" and other textural mediaIMG_2229IMG_2234IMG_2233

Preparing for an exhibition “Bridges of the Hunter” with my local textile group (Daughters on Dowling) I decided on a few different approaches.   Our exhibition is under the auspices of the Dungog Art Society and Arts Upper Hunter.

First job … sketch ideas, based on my photo of Cooreei Bridge which leads into my town of Dungog.    Thinking about the textures and shapes, I set to work creating felted “river rocks”.

As the black and white photo showed up the structure of the bridge and surrounds so well, I decided upon making my art piece in black and white – wow, a new experience for me especially as I love colour in all its glory.

These images show my early progress with this piece.






A diversion from textile art ……. The Tractor Fest at Dungog

March 22, 2014

IMG_2456Yesterday rain – today brilliant sunshine……  a great welcome to Dungog’s street parade of over 100 tractors and another 100 vintage vehicles.


Absolutely marvellous turnout of visitors and locals lining the main street of Dungog to watch a parade  that lasted more than 1 hour.

Then onto Dungog’s showground to join the tractors on site and get up close and personal with them.  A brilliant day!


“Bridges of the Hunter” textile art exhibition

March 18, 2014

Another collage exercise showing tunnel bridgeGearing up for the “Daughters on Dowling” textile art exhibition at Dungog in July 2014, I produced a few simple collages.

These two were constructed with paper and fabric and stitch to reflect part-imagery of bridges.  They were fun to make – quite freeing for the creative soul.

More news to come shortly, there is lots of work to be done.

Collage exercise for bridge

Dyeing threads

March 15, 2014

Using the “left-over” Procion dyes, these cotton threads were dyed in a bath before adding soda ash.  The bath was quite watery, much more diluted than my usual approach – what do you think of these colours?  I am eager to use them.Dyed cotton threads

Dungog’s monthly market

March 5, 2014

Our local monthly market at Dungog is gearing up to be bigger and better than ever before.  Lots of new stall holders are attending.  And so is “Stitched Up Dungog” with their textile art and wearables.

Stitched Up Dungog is the name that my friend Kat Wittmann and I chose for our market stall.  Kat creates beautiful eco-dyed garments and fabric using local flora.  I focus more on vivid colour with my hand-dyed aprons, scarves, and fabric.

Each and every  first Saturday of each month, Kat and I will be there with all our unique and individual items.

More about this news is to come.  Wish us luck!