“Bridges of the Hunter” exhibition

Textile artists group, The Daughters on Dowling, is opening its exhibition (under the auspices of the Dungog Art Society) at Dungog today.

Twelve members of the group are exhibiting their interpretations of various bridges in our local region.

My attraction was the Cooreei Bridge – which is in my hometown of Dungog and leads the way to Stroud, both lovely villages in the Upper Hunter region of NSW.

Our opening is tonight – so more photos are to come, but meantime this is my piece of work, simply called Cooreei Bridge.

My photograph was printed on silk and cotton Jacquard printable fabric, which was overlayed to give a 3-dimension effect and moves as one walks around the image.

The river was created with silk and cotton fabric and yarns to depict the proximity of the bridge to Dungog.

I felted white roving to produce the textures of nature particularly river rocks that abound this location.

The tree was created with tyvek and snippets of fabrics/yarns stitched together under water-soluble fabric which when wet allowed the pieces to compound together.


Cooreei Bridge art-textile


2 Responses to “Bridges of the Hunter” exhibition

  1. meta says:


  2. An amazing exhibition Pamela, I did make it for a look but just missed you I think.

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