Dungog’s Chronicle

Here’s recycling at its best!   After reading the local newspaper the front page was transformed by stitch.  Here is the effect of paper over deconsructed screen printed cotton fabric.

This will become a bag…..a photo will soon show you the result, so do come back.


7 Responses to Dungog’s Chronicle

  1. Have you done anything special to preserve the paper for the bag?

  2. JaN says:

    Looking forward to seeing that bag! I love the texture and serendipity of your piece.

  3. jenncreative says:

    love everything about this – the colours – the (vertical) lines

  4. Pamela says:

    Not sure how best to do this Gurli. Any suggestions? I did spray the bag with fixative normally used on painted canvases & this has given some protection.

  5. Yes, but never tried it for bags. I would use acrylic matte medium – but your solution might be better. I made a piece of fabric with paper, covered with a piece of sheer and sealed it with matte medium – and made a small bag: http://gurligregersen.com/2011/11/20/bag/exif_jpeg_picture-25/

    Love your fabric and bag!

  6. meta says:

    Like a garden in summer!

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