Experimenting with plant dyes

IMG_4128This rather new direction is one where I am exploring the combination of eco-dyeing along with my other dyes.

My first attempt at combining the two produced weak imagery.  So back to work and bundled again using slightly different techniques, this is batching.

I  needed to be more patient this time and leave the bundle alone for at least a week, at least, which I managed to do!

Here is the result.  It is interesting.


3 Responses to Experimenting with plant dyes

  1. That is interesting Pamela, I had not thought you could combine the two. I use procion dyes regularly and I’ve had a few goes at wrapping leaves in silk or wool and simmering for two hours but to get the extra colour on is really interesting.


  2. Very interesting. Are you using silk for this project? Do you keep the pieces wet all week?

  3. Pamela says:

    Gurli, I used silk and it was OK being kept damp all week.

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