More about Dyeing Silk

November 22, 2015


A flowering gum tree growing in our garden produces absolutely huge leaves& beautiful flowers.

Fortunately the windfalls leaves produce wonderful prints on silk and paper.

More experimenting combining natural dyes with my more traditional pigments, has produced some delightful results.

Here’s one example on a silk scarfe for you to enjoy;  also photos taken recently when visiting lovely Melbourne.

Melbourne’s street art is amazing.




November 15, 2015

Small time dyeing lately due to other diversions but …. playing with a mixture of pigments eventuated into what I call my stop & go scarves.  

This one has tones of bark and red sap – very lovely.  

Botanical dyed silk scarf.

Botanical dyed silk scarf.

One below shows a Shibori technique displaying sea-blues and leaf-greens with just a touch of earthy shades coming through.


A good yarn!

November 6, 2015
Hand-dyed cotton yarn

Hand-dyed cotton yarn

A few bundles of white cotton yarn were hand-dyed using Procion MX dyes.

Starting with using straight colours was followed by mixing different colour combinations to create earthy tones.  Using a size 13 Chenille needle, these thick yarns will be easily stitched into projects.

Perhaps these yarns will be incorporated into the Secret Santa gift that I will make for a group I belong to, the “Daughters on Dowling”.  A very creative group who share a love of embroidery, traditional and contemporary.

Hand dyed silk incorporating a botanical approach.

November 3, 2015


Experimenting with dyes and resist whilst incorporating windblown leaves produced this silk scarf.