Once again, felting my way.

Another project has been a long ride, time wise.

A challenge was set….to make a LARGE wall hanging, as large as I could manage.  This is the starting point, knowing that shrinkage occurs along the way.  Five layers of fleece were carefully laid out as a wall hanging needs weight to hang well.  It was a lot of physical work with a meditative tone.


Depicting an abstraction landscape theme, my piece was  constructed using wet-felting & hand stitch techniques.


Stage 2 is shown above; with many more to follow.

The piece was so large that it took two of us to undertake the rolling required to bond the merino fleece; it was a ‘dance’ with my husband!

This lets you see a birds eye view of only a small part of the final piece.

More photos coming soon!



2 Responses to Once again, felting my way.

  1. Jennifer says:

    This looks like a huge challenge. The sample piece looks very detailed and intricate.

  2. Pamela says:

    Thanks for commenting Jennifer. Huge it was, dominating most of my time for solid weeks. Lots of detail through use of colour and textural stitch. I can see birds in flight in the large piece. Having a break from felting now!

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