Messing around with my paints again.

July 26, 2016

Getting my paintbrushes wet during a few short wintery hours in the warmth of my working studio, these little pieces emerged.  Textile paints  were applied to fabric.

I have a few ideas about what to do with these mini landscapes…….. And for now they need time to brew.  Let’s wait and see.



It’s snowing on our nearby Barrington mountains.

July 13, 2016


July winter weather hasn’t encouraged the activity involving water and rolling to create felt.  But these two small pieces have emerged from beneath my wet hands.

These show you a glimpse of my creative abstraction to the theme of landscapes.

Next step……. incorporate hand stitch for extra texture and stronger visual interest.



Playing with paints again

July 11, 2016

Time for a little dalliance……

Needing a few greeting cards and finding time to relax with brush & paint, I created these.Acrylic pants and silk fabric I added hand stitch to create interest and unify the colours.

Sometimes it feels good to be aloof from big challenges and simply relax with tiny ones, such as these hand printed cards.