Socking news!

Six years ago I was so mesmerised by the beautiful sock wool for sale at Sydney’s annual quilt show.

Of course I bought enough wool to knit 5 pairs, didn’t I?  Thought they would be easy….another big mistake!

Not one to be deterred, over time, I got out the knitting needles and pattern book and grimaced my way with each stitch.  In fact I became very proficient, at undoing my knitting.  Also very proficient at watching you-tube knitting tips, which indeed saved what was left of my sanity.

I am so pleased to announce that tonight I finished my FOURTH pair.  Hooray.    (A friend knitted the 5th pair).  Here’s a photo of three pairs (the other pair us in the wash).

Who wants my sock knitting needles?



2 Responses to Socking news!

  1. Sandra James says:

    Determination! Well done. At least if they’re wool, when you get sick of them you can felt them and sell them as brooches!

  2. Pamela says:

    Full marks for the very creative mind you have Sandra!!!

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