Morning hues

November 29, 2016

Spring time colours has brought subdued colours to our landscape, the early mornings in particular. 


Springing into Shibori dyeing once thonk my technique is improving.  The movement in this silk piece is gracious.

Attending a whirlwind mini workshop at Newcastle Regional Art Gallery I came home with this tiny paper pod.  Whilst small in size, I gained enough inspiration and knowledge to make larger pieces at home.  They are still drying… will show these to you soon.



Watercolour painting

November 18, 2016

Spontaneous painting  with my watercolours on paper produced a lovely meditative effect.  Also, a result.

Twelve Xmas mini-cards emerged from my table; here are some.

Sumptuous Silk

November 8, 2016

New colours have extended my palette of dyes I have available.

Gun metal is an interesting shade of blue/grey, showing both warm and cool tones.

Here I added brown rose with orange to bring something extra to the eye.


My creative space.

November 6, 2016


It has been the right time to make a few changes to make my area for expressing my hobby interest (or obsession) more in keeping with my needs.  As it was, my space always felt somewhat alien probably as a result of being set up in a quickly converted garage;  consequently I popped in and out rather than being settled there.  I now have areas designated for hand stitch, macine sewing, felting space, and a special place to let my subconscious get to work (on the couch).

So this spring we took the plunge to box up my stuff in readiness for improvement.

I’ve only been using the new workspace for two weeks and am delighted to tell you I am settling into fun work.  More about this coming soon!

Designing composition.

November 1, 2016


It’s time to focus on developing the essence of design in work I am doing with felt, paint & textiles. I am not delving into this totally alone…as I am discussing the merits of my composition  & design with a good artist friend.

From one of my hubby’s photographs taken on a recent helicopter trip for photographers, I produced these sketches.

My aim was to pull in the shapes and lines that attracted my eyes to this composition.

Let’s see where this take some me!