My creative space.


It has been the right time to make a few changes to make my area for expressing my hobby interest (or obsession) more in keeping with my needs.  As it was, my space always felt somewhat alien probably as a result of being set up in a quickly converted garage;  consequently I popped in and out rather than being settled there.  I now have areas designated for hand stitch, macine sewing, felting space, and a special place to let my subconscious get to work (on the couch).

So this spring we took the plunge to box up my stuff in readiness for improvement.

I’ve only been using the new workspace for two weeks and am delighted to tell you I am settling into fun work.  More about this coming soon!


2 Responses to My creative space.

  1. Jennifer says:

    Your new workplace looks fantastic, Pamela! Roxy obviously needs some thinking space as well!

  2. Sandra James says:

    Looks fantastic! The perfect space doesn’t happen overnight, especially as we work out our creative priorities. Must be in the air a bit of rearranging happening here too!

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