The learning curve – experimentation with printed dye.

December 21, 2016


Experimenting with dye on fabric sometimes goes very ugly.  But here I salvaged a small piece that like for its repetition, scale, and movement.  It allows the white negative space to feature and be a floating background for dancing colour.  Unfortunately the whole piece – a silk scarf – turned out rather ugly because too much colour overloaded and unbalanced the whole effect.  Ah, my learning curve continues.


Approaching the botanical

December 14, 2016

The idea of combining natural colours grown from the botanical world with my purchased dyes applied to show a botanical theme is displayed here.  Three scarves with three different approaches have created a harmony of colour and imagery using pigments of the land and the shop!

Distracted by abstraction!

December 13, 2016

img_1666img_1667img_1670Needing some downtown time to beat Dungog’s heat, a bundle of hand painted cards emerged from my hands.  These three are a sample of the 20 cards I made today.  Landscape abstraction is something I feel to be special as it comes from within me, as a result of the natural landscape surrounds where I live.  I welcome your thoughts – how do these images affect you?

Natures colours

December 11, 2016

IMG_1658.JPGBotanical printing, I find, has a tendency to produce unpredictable imagery which sometimes needs something extra.  In this instance I added colour, carefully placing it to enhance  the natural earthy botanical tones with colours of the sky recently seen during our summer storms.  This scarf is a beauty.

Catch-up time

December 5, 2016

Always contemplating the landscape where I live, this image emerged from my fingers onto my iPad.  Time has been filled creating paper pods, felt brooches, and dyeing silk in glorious summery colours.  More about this soon.