Felting matters.

January 27, 2017

Why does felting matter to me?  I find it is a wonderful tactile medium to express my love of Australia’s landscape.

Scorching January summer days spent in my home studio had my hands immersed in sumptuous softness of wool and silk fibres.  My attraction to our landscape was put to work – via a process that involves wool fleece, silk, water, soap & lots of friction.

Observing what is occurring to the fibres as they are being handled during rolling is necessary, whilst also being relaxing to the mind.  I am grateful for learning the skill of wet-felting from Newcastle’s felt master, Giselle Penn at a Timeless Textiles workshop.

Over the years my collection of merino fleece has grown. Since moving from city to country my “wool bank” has grown to include Corriedale, Blue Leicester, Alpaca, and other intriguing fibres.

Here is a glimpse of the beginnings of my felted wall art piece.  More work now being done to bring this piece to the finish line.  I’ll be back.



Escaping the heat

January 17, 2017

Another 40+ celcius day.  Escaping the excessive heat I made time today to settle down with my paints and paper to create a greeting card or three.

A chirpie tale

January 15, 2017


Using a resist and paints this bird emerged from within my hands.

This little wren looks like he has had too much Post-Xmas food, all puffed up and so so chubby!

Painted on silk and embellished with fabric, yarn, & beads, I made this little bird on a very hot hot day here in Dungog.   With a few days of 43degrees celcius in the shade all the local birds disappeared from sight, until early evening when tiny blue wrens fluttered through our camellia trees searching for dinner treats.    Such beautiful creatures they are.  My little wren image has become a fabric postcard, allowing a personal hand written message on the back, before it takes flight.

Dungog Dales – 2017

January 5, 2017


Made to celebrate embracing the year 2017 and living at the beautiful country town of Dungog..                                    My studio looks onto the Cooreei hills which inspired this piece, produced on silk and now framed ready for display.