Colours of the kookaburra

October 20, 2017

Looking very closely at photographs of kookaburras I discovered that many have colours in addition to browns.  Beautiful hues of blues, and even light pink on the beak.  My plan was to create a piece whilst keeping  away from imagery to focus solely on colour-play.

Thinking a lot about colour management in my felting, this piece emerged.  Shingles of merino wool rovings fell from my hands without thought to design, but with thought to creating intensity and contrast.  Curiously, within this abstract piece I see a woman in action.  What do you see?




merino wool

October 16, 2017

More colourplay using soft and strong hues.   Exploring colour management in these exercises, using merino wool rovings.

Feeling my way with Felt

October 16, 2017

Reflecting on how to improve my composition I have been considering hue combinations and contrasting colours.