Dungog and Roxy at Easter 2017

April 15, 2017

Eucalyptus, summer, & silk

March 5, 2017

Embracing the opportunity of summer’s super heat to do some botanical dyeing on silk, and then introducing some extra hues of the rainbow, brought delightful results.

These colours are permanent because I avoid plants that produce fugitive dyes, and the effect brings colours that are so so soft, yet retain the colour of Australia’s bush.


Felting matters.

January 27, 2017

Why does felting matter to me?  I find it is a wonderful tactile medium to express my love of Australia’s landscape.

Scorching January summer days spent in my home studio had my hands immersed in sumptuous softness of wool and silk fibres.  My attraction to our landscape was put to work – via a process that involves wool fleece, silk, water, soap & lots of friction.

Observing what is occurring to the fibres as they are being handled during rolling is necessary, whilst also being relaxing to the mind.  I am grateful for learning the skill of wet-felting from Newcastle’s felt master, Giselle Penn at a Timeless Textiles workshop.

Over the years my collection of merino fleece has grown. Since moving from city to country my “wool bank” has grown to include Corriedale, Blue Leicester, Alpaca, and other intriguing fibres.

Here is a glimpse of the beginnings of my felted wall art piece.  More work now being done to bring this piece to the finish line.  I’ll be back.


Distracted by abstraction!

December 13, 2016

img_1666img_1667img_1670Needing some downtown time to beat Dungog’s heat, a bundle of hand painted cards emerged from my hands.  These three are a sample of the 20 cards I made today.  Landscape abstraction is something I feel to be special as it comes from within me, as a result of the natural landscape surrounds where I live.  I welcome your thoughts – how do these images affect you?

Morning hues

November 29, 2016

Spring time colours has brought subdued colours to our landscape, the early mornings in particular. 


Springing into Shibori dyeing once thonk my technique is improving.  The movement in this silk piece is gracious.

Attending a whirlwind mini workshop at Newcastle Regional Art Gallery I came home with this tiny paper pod.  Whilst small in size, I gained enough inspiration and knowledge to make larger pieces at home.  They are still drying… will show these to you soon.


Designing composition.

November 1, 2016


It’s time to focus on developing the essence of design in work I am doing with felt, paint & textiles. I am not delving into this totally alone…as I am discussing the merits of my composition  & design with a good artist friend.

From one of my hubby’s photographs taken on a recent helicopter trip for photographers, I produced these sketches.

My aim was to pull in the shapes and lines that attracted my eyes to this composition.

Let’s see where this take some me!


Curious colour

October 3, 2016


Creating lovely silk scarves continues to be a passion of mine.  Here I have worked intuitively allowing my hands to direct the paintbrush. Curiously, I always enjoy the outcomes that result from a freewheeling approach.  I feel that the warmth of black (my colour mix) provides a moody contrast to the application of strong warm & cool colours.  And the shapes seem to injection spontaneity.