Our land & sea

August 18, 2017

More wet felting from my hands was inspired by a few days by the sea.


Wet felting

August 13, 2017

Made this felted piece just a few weeks ago using cotton background to anchor merino fleece,silk, & yarns.  Now framed and hanging around, looking for a special home to go to.


Approaching felt

July 28, 2017

Delving more & more into the tactile experience of creating felted pieces I travelled to Bendigo.  To see a Bendigo’s wool & sheep show, which is a major annual event.  It was all huge with sheep & wool judging, dog handling of sheep being displayed, and a wonderful retail area for anything wool.


My purchase of an Ashford blending board is out of its box onto my work table.  Thanks to Ashford NZ website their instructions are helping with technique.  This is just a beginning.


Working with felt

June 29, 2017

Merino fleece, yarns, fabric snippets were wet felted.  Hand stitching was then added to define the imagery, and complete this pint-sized wall hanging.  Yet to be framed ready for hanging.  I welcome your comments about what you see in my piece.


It’s snowing on our nearby Barrington mountains.

July 13, 2016


July winter weather hasn’t encouraged the activity involving water and rolling to create felt.  But these two small pieces have emerged from beneath my wet hands.

These show you a glimpse of my creative abstraction to the theme of landscapes.

Next step……. incorporate hand stitch for extra texture and stronger visual interest.



Felt good!

April 8, 2016

Feeling good about the test samples I have hand  felted, it felt right to start a large wall hanging.  Here’s a sneak peak of some of my work before wet-felting and fulling took place.


Set-up to make the right table height was imperative to avoid neglecting my body.  Laying out five layers of rovings took its toll and I felt the strain on my legs from hours and hours of standing.

Here’s a pic of of my foundation work for this piece.


It was then topped with coloured wool and silk rovings and yarns to loosely create a landscape image,  based on Dungog’s hills and nature.  The clocked ticked away!

It has been fully wet-felted and is now resting (me too) and drying out so that the next stage ….. stitching, can then be worked.

Time with Felt & Stitch

February 24, 2016

Having been asked to create a handmade wall piece to hang  in  a local farmhouse, my recent time has gone into wet felting and then stitching to create texture and visual interest in this piece.

The request was to portray a feeling of country landscape, using a contemporary approach.

This photo gives you a glimpse of my work in progress, before completion.

I welcome your comments.