Painting on silk

June 22, 2017

IMG_2134IMG_2137IMG_2136IMG_2135More experimenting with my dyes on silk.


Shibori dyeing day

May 18, 2017

A playday with two friends, using Procion MX cold water dyes produced many delights for each of us.  Here are two that came from my folding and twisting.


A “Maureen” scarf.

March 20, 2017

Blue & mauve link so beautifully together on pure silk with it’s sheen.

Looking at the various meanings of the name Maureen, using my best handwriting,  this scarf showcases the personality and personal characteristics that I feel are connectd to the name, Maureen.

Using wax and cold water dyes with both my tjap and tjanting this piece of handmade work creates visual happiness.





Dungog Dales – 2017

January 5, 2017


Made to celebrate embracing the year 2017 and living at the beautiful country town of Dungog..                                    My studio looks onto the Cooreei hills which inspired this piece, produced on silk and now framed ready for display.

Approaching the botanical

December 14, 2016

The idea of combining natural colours grown from the botanical world with my purchased dyes applied to show a botanical theme is displayed here.  Three scarves with three different approaches have created a harmony of colour and imagery using pigments of the land and the shop!

Resisting Colour

October 24, 2016

Stepping aside from intense colour to try my hand at softer muted tones, has been my practice this October.  Using various “Resisrs” has helped to reduce another layer of intensity.  And here are some results on silk.

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Curious colour

October 3, 2016


Creating lovely silk scarves continues to be a passion of mine.  Here I have worked intuitively allowing my hands to direct the paintbrush. Curiously, I always enjoy the outcomes that result from a freewheeling approach.  I feel that the warmth of black (my colour mix) provides a moody contrast to the application of strong warm & cool colours.  And the shapes seem to injection spontaneity.