Dyeing silk chiffon

September 16, 2017

Using wax as a resist with my dyes on silk chiffon, I am excited by this result. My purchase of a copper tjap not so long ago, worked a treat to give clear & distinct imagery on this pure silk scarf.



Wax, dye & silk

September 15, 2017

Spring sunshine in Dungog beckons me into my cool downstairs wet-room … hooray!

It’s a good time now to wax lyrical …. get out my copper Printing tools and experiment with my range of dyes.

Here, silk has been printed with wax (to act as a resist) before dyes are painted on, to then be batched.  An update showing the result is coming shortly.



Painting on silk

June 22, 2017

IMG_2134IMG_2137IMG_2136IMG_2135More experimenting with my dyes on silk.

dyeing silk

June 18, 2017

Winter in Dungog makes for a cold place to work in my wet studio.  However combining a resist and dye in a playful painterly way, these colourful pieces evolved.