Springtime felted landscape

September 6, 2017

Springtime is providing the “bounce”,  getting hands wet and into merino wool again.  Here’s a photo taken before it was framed.




The beauty of Tassie’s Tarkine Wilderness inspired my collage of paint, fabric & stitch.

May 8, 2017

Designing composition.

November 1, 2016


It’s time to focus on developing the essence of design in work I am doing with felt, paint & textiles. I am not delving into this totally alone…as I am discussing the merits of my composition  & design with a good artist friend.

From one of my hubby’s photographs taken on a recent helicopter trip for photographers, I produced these sketches.

My aim was to pull in the shapes and lines that attracted my eyes to this composition.

Let’s see where this take some me!


Resisting Colour

October 24, 2016

Stepping aside from intense colour to try my hand at softer muted tones, has been my practice this October.  Using various “Resisrs” has helped to reduce another layer of intensity.  And here are some results on silk.

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Workshopping with Disperse Dyes

March 4, 2016

imageDyeing fabric using nature’s plant life.

Preparing to conduct a friendly workshop for local textile artists next week in Dungog, these photos show you some samples I have made.

Using disperse dyes to paint imagery on paper, heat and pressure is then applied to transfer the images to cloth.

This process occurs when the dyes vaporises and moves from paper to polyester fabrics.

Their vibrant colours and transparency brings opportunity for complex design & imagery.  I am eager to see what creations emerge from the group.

Working with tjaps

January 27, 2016

You may be thinking, what are tjaps!  At a 2015 workshop by Els Van Baarle I too wondered.  I became intrigued by the imagery these beautiful tools create.


My tjaps are vintage copper blocks made in Jarva for batik printing on fabric.  When they no longer are needed they are sold to artists.

This is is my latest addition to my collection.

And this is what emerged from dyeing at my home workspace.


2016 Creative Pathways

January 8, 2016

Major major PC problem made quiet times in blog land.

But ideas have been brewing in the winds of creativity.

The tinkering of possibilities are being considered for one ( perhaps two) exhibitions in 2016.

 I will be back to share tasters of these creative possibilities.

Happy new year to you.