Waxing with colour

September 4, 2016


Making time for creative play with a ‘partner of crime’ yesterday got me deeply involved in wax, various papers, & silk.  It was also an opportunity to work with shapes to create textural visual interest.  Mmm, more work is to be done!





Hand-felted Brooches

December 5, 2015

Sometimes I enjoy nothing better than to work small and enjoy quiet moments.

Stitching into wool is like a knife moving through butter – it has a lovely feel about it.

These are recent samples of my hand-felt brooches.

Hand felted with stitching - little lovelies!

Hand felted with stitching – little lovelies!

More about Dyeing Silk

November 22, 2015


A flowering gum tree growing in our garden produces absolutely huge leaves& beautiful flowers.

Fortunately the windfalls leaves produce wonderful prints on silk and paper.

More experimenting combining natural dyes with my more traditional pigments, has produced some delightful results.

Here’s one example on a silk scarfe for you to enjoy;  also photos taken recently when visiting lovely Melbourne.

Melbourne’s street art is amazing.



My ghost gum!

August 23, 2015

(Can you see what I mean on second photo).

The results of eco-dyeing with eucalyptus and plants from my garden.  Eco-dyeing is a process of experimentation and time.

IMG_4143 IMG_4146 IMG_4149 IMG_4153 IMG_4154

Coming back

August 5, 2015
Wet felt art piece for the wall

Wet felt art piece for the wall

I have returned from a spell away from the digital world.   Time out from organised creativity has been spell of fresh air to rethink my desires.

During this time I have created this piece with collage of fabric and yarns applied to merino wool and silk fibres.  In turn this was wet-felted and then stitched to create texture and interest.

Being shown at Dungog by Design’s exhibition (more details about this later)  It now hangs happily in a newly acquired home in Paddington, Sydney which is proudly owned by a Dungog resident.   In one way it was hard to see it go, in another I love that someone thinks it so special to hang it in their new home well away from their Dungog home.

Felt Brooches

May 10, 2015


Dusting off the embellishing (needle punching) machine it was time to create more brooches.

Working on a piece of pre-felt that I created some time back, I attached pieces of fabric, yarn, and needled these in, followed by stitch to ensure good anchorage.

Next it was time to air my lovely wooden button collection, and beautiful beads, to sit quietly with needle and thread.

I like the organic nature of these…..do you?




Silk Dyeing

April 16, 2015

My love affair with dyes and silk continues.   I just love the way colour is transported serendipitiously to the folds in silk fabric.   Also allowing the dye colours to travel to form abstract shapes.  Anything that moves away from realism attracts my hand and eye.  A small sample is shown.