Felting matters.

January 27, 2017

Why does felting matter to me?  I find it is a wonderful tactile medium to express my love of Australia’s landscape.

Scorching January summer days spent in my home studio had my hands immersed in sumptuous softness of wool and silk fibres.  My attraction to our landscape was put to work – via a process that involves wool fleece, silk, water, soap & lots of friction.

Observing what is occurring to the fibres as they are being handled during rolling is necessary, whilst also being relaxing to the mind.  I am grateful for learning the skill of wet-felting from Newcastle’s felt master, Giselle Penn at a Timeless Textiles workshop.

Over the years my collection of merino fleece has grown. Since moving from city to country my “wool bank” has grown to include Corriedale, Blue Leicester, Alpaca, and other intriguing fibres.

Here is a glimpse of the beginnings of my felted wall art piece.  More work now being done to bring this piece to the finish line.  I’ll be back.



Disperse dyeing workshop

March 14, 2016

Addictive is how the group reacted to using disperse dyes during the 1-day workshop I tutored at Dungog.  For the relaxed and friendly group of textile artists, of which I am a member.  Each month one of us teaches a technique that relates to fibre and stitch.

We had a great day painting my disperse dyes that had been sitting dormant in my art cupboard.

Finishing later than expected was an indication of everyone’s attraction……And then taking dyes & ideas back home to continue creating imagery on cloth for our exhibition later this year.

Here’s few pics to show the creativity explorations with with colour & flora.

image image image image


Home at work!

October 10, 2015


Here is my wet workspace, situated under our house.

Its large functional space has good light and air, is adjacent to a clothes line and garden.   Home again after attending the workshop by Els Van Baarle you can see from these pics where I have started to repeat some of the exercises.

This is just a start of an attractive adventure using wax dyes & print.

This sample is on cotton overlaid with silk organza, which gives a subtle effect.  More work to be done to produce a satisfying outcome….it needs some thinking time!

Dyed Silk Scarves

November 29, 2014


Using acid dyes on silk has been rewarding.  Even more rewarding was my investment attending a workshop by Helen Moon at Adelaide.

Helen is a very generous and knowledgeable teacher – I learnt so much and also enjoyed the experience, which has broadened my knowledge and confidence to experiment with acid dyes.

My husband got to work quickly to make me a suitable frame, and I purchased a steamer – all essential tools of the trade!

Here are a few samples of scarves dyed since Helen’s workshop.

Workshop dyeing fabric & threads with Procion MX

January 15, 2014

Deconstructed screen printed fabric.

Together with my friend Lurline, we have planned a great list of activities for 10 creative ladies here in Dungog.

This list of activities is what we have planned for the day.

Parfait Dyeing for random texture
Snow Dyeing Plastic bag/takeaway container dyeing & thread dyeing
Soy Wax resist technique
Painted dyeing for controlled imagery 
Thickened dyes with syringe
Discharging to remove colour
Demonstration – deconstructed screen printing

I wait with great anticipation  to see what creative marks arise from their hands and minds!  Going to be a fun day.

Soy wax resist was applied to dyed fabric

Daughters of Dowling – workshop

September 14, 2013

SameraDaughters of Dowling

This photo shows only some of us, the “Daughters of Dowling” group, working on covering out stones during a workshop held at Marion’s “The Bower” retreat.

I thought I would post this photo of our group while we wait for the next edition of Down Under Textiles magazine to be published, as it includes a story of our last textile art exhibition in Dungog.   As soon as the mag is available, I will post details this exciting event.

And for a giggle, this is one of my first sketches made some time ago….

Dungonian Stones

August 23, 2013


Jenny (in the blue) and I who are members of this group – the Daughters on Dowling – walked everyone through to create these wonderful stones.  The first one was my sample to inspire everyone into action, and the second  (blue) I made during the workshop.

We were all on a 2-day retreat at “The Bower” a fabulous workshop/accommodation retreat located a little away from Dungog.

Working with had-dyed scrim, wool felts, tyvek, beads, and hand stitch, our love of nature was expressed in these creations.   They will form a small part of our exhibition planned for 2014, “Bridges & Viaducts of the Hunter”.   Don’t you just love all of our creations as shown in the photograph.  Some are yet to be finished, some have been.